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Mecurio's Mythical Marvels & Traveling Menagerie
Live Performances with life-like one-of-a-kind beasts!


Started as a Dream...Then it became a play... From there a street show, then a interactive performance art piece, as well as a inspirational school assembly! Dr. Mecurio’s is one of the Central Coasts most amazing interactive experiences you’ll ever witness.


Dragons, Unicorns, and other life size mythical creatures come to life before your very eyes!


For those looking to make this years birthday party a memorable event, consider having our amazing creatures to amaze and entertain your guests. We can also provide games of skill and fun craft activities to bring a smile to any age... Why, we can even provide the cake! 


We will happily travel almost anywhere for your event!
... Or book a monstrous party at our studio in Capitola, California!


Dr. Mecurio’s Mythical Marvels & Traveling Menagerie
 is an adaptation of the original story by fantasy artist Ricki Vincent, and takes you into the dimension of Improbable, to the land of Middleof, located in the ocean of Nowhere. There you will find the nefarious Dr. Elphias Mecurio and his ragtag group of airship pirates in a race against evil forces to find the last four remaining dragons in existence... And just what will they do with four living breathing dragons? Why, exploit them to the fullest extent possible of course!

Catch up on Dr. Mecurio's Adventures right here! Starting with episodes 101-105!
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