Make a big impact with the truly unique, the whimsical, and the one-of-a-kind!
Whether you need stage props, puppets, costumes, or special effects make up
we can create what you need to your specifications, and with your budget.


Below are samples of our work - and a sneak peek into how the magic happens!

PIPs (Puppets In Progress)

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Past Project Examples

Ping Ping The Frost Dragon

Ping Ping was originally built for the Dr. Mecurio show in the mid 2000's. She was re-built in 2019. She is a detachable shoulder-puppet that can be combined with a false arm and leash for a realistic illusion! Her latex skin and her crystal-embedded horns are custom molded. This puppet allows for highly realistic movement!

Puggles the Fantastic Beast

Puggles is a one-of-a-kind puppet inspired by the "Niffler" from the Fantastic Beasts series.

She has a custom-molded latex face and hands on a foam-and faux fur body. She can neatly fold away into her suit-case full of stolen gold coins, and pop out to surprise her audience! 

Puggles is part magic trick. Audience members can pour a seemingly-endless number of coins into her belly pouch.

Betty the Yeti

Betty is a thirteen foot tall puppet that can walk, move her arms, open her mouth, move her head - and hug entire families at once!

Two external puppeteers can move her large, articulated arms. An internal puppeteer equips a backpack hooked up to Betty's light-weight skeleton. The internal puppeteer can move Betty's feet with their own steps, and can manipulate her head and mouth.

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